Sat 17 December 2022

Peruvian restaurant Mayta is recognized like the best in the world. (Mayta and World Culniary Awards 2022)

Peruvian gastronomy once again positioned itself against the kitchens of several countries. It was the Peruvian restaurant 'Mayta', which won the award for 'Best Restaurant in the World 2022′ at the third edition of the World Culinary Awards 2022.

The event was held on December 13 in Dubai, where 'Mayta' took first place out of eight nominees. Among its competitors were restaurants from Italy, Dubai. United States, Australia and more.

Mayta ranks first in the world

Under the direction of chef Jaime Pesaque, 'Mayta' offers contemporary Peruvian food with inputs obtained in Peru. The bar also has local products from the Andean country.

Peruvian restaurant Mayta is recognized as the best in the world. (Mayta)

These were the restaurants that competed for first place for the best restaurant in the world:

– Anan Restaurant & Rooftop Bar (Vietnam)

– Atelier Crenn (United States).

– Attica (Australia).

– Château Mon Désir (Mauritania).

– COYA (Dubai).

– Atlantis (Bahamas).< /p>

– La Colombe (South Africa).

– Uliassi (Italy)

The 2022 World Culinary Awards is an event that belongs to the World Travel Awards family, a contest that also recognized a Peruvian restaurant as the best in Latin America.

For his part, Jaime Pesaque thanked the recognition through his Instagram account, where he received greetings and congratulations from his colleagues.

What does Mayta mean?

It is a word in the Aymara language, whose meaning is 'noble land'and it would be a personal and contemporary expression of Peruvian gastronomy and territory, according to Jaime Pesaque.

Mayta's gastronomic objective is product traceability native cuisine and the combination of contemporary culinary techniques with local products.

Mayta Peruvian restaurant is recognized as the best in the world. (Mayta)

Since 2019, the venue run by Pesaque has been receiving gastronomic awards such as the Highest Climber Award or the nomination within the World's Best 50 Restaurants.< /p>

Who is Jaime Pesaque?

He is a Peruvian chef who studied gastronomy at Le Cordón Bleu. He later managed to obtain a master's degree in Cooking from the Italian Culinary Institute (ICIF).

In order to cover various techniques, he decided to travel to Europe where he began as a cooking apprentice in various restaurants, some of which had Michelin stars.

He was gaining experience between Spain and Italy. After that, he decided to return to Peru to open the dream that he kept day by day and it was 'Mayta'.

Despite the recognition that the chef could have in the gastronomic sector, he shared in an interview that he went bankrupt three times and to meet the obligations he had had to sell his assets, including his car and his apartment.

With the Through time and daily effort, 'Mayta' was recognized as one of the best restaurants in South America. He had entered the long-awaited list. This motivated Pesaque and his team to climb the ranks and achieve first place.

Mayta is by chef Jaime Pesaque and Kjolle is by Pia Leon. (Capture)

Today after several years, Mayta won first place at the World Culinary Awards.


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